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My studio practice explores the visceral expression of emotions through painting and anatomical casts. Hyper-detailed plaster appendages personify tension, while emotive states are exemplified through color and unconventional paint applications. A strong relationship between the two materials is built to reflect raw emotive sensations. My artworks challenge the picture plane and encourage an emotional connection, which aims to stimulate an empathetic bond between the work and the viewer.

Research conveys that tension throughout the body is specific to certain emotions. My work utilizes the gestural implications of laced fingers and stretched palms, representing intimacy, attentiveness and despondency. Psychological color theory speaks to the relationship between color and behavior. Vibrant crimson and deep ceruleans draw out power, serenity, elegance, and hunger, while rich goldenrods bring an affable sensation to the piece. Together, the use of physical gesture and color develop an aesthetic of emotional expression. 

Bodies of Work: Welcome

My work aims to empower through the use of universal environments. Using heavy bodied acrylics and a piping techniques, my art creates a diverse sense of texture and dimension that allows the paint to build up in layers. The use of impasto allows for the idea of texture to take form when my piping isn’t called for. Simplistic figures and aura based colors allow the audience to place themselves in the environment. The use of specific colors bring attention to the linear effects of the background and allows the viewer’s eye to capture the piece’s entire surface.

The use of surface and texture is creating a different reality for the viewer. The layered paint takes up the space capturing one's own reality, engaging the audience to access the environment themselves. 

Bodies of Work: Welcome

Surrounding Soul

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