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beyond The Veil: A Conceptual Murder Mystery

Beyond the Veil is the conceptual design of an “Impossible Project” that invites guests to spend two nights and two full days exploring an interactive, immersive story-based train hotel experience.

Developing from the basic idea of creating a pitch deck for an “immersive hotel”, Beyond the Veil grew to include a developed main storyline centered on a murder mystery in the 1890s. Comprehensive characters with their own secrets, backstories, and added
key artwork build a visual world aboard the Lavender Empress, the project's vessel.

As the art director of the team, I was challenged with creating the visual aesthetic of project. Through the use of key art, prop design, and character design, Beyond The Veil because the hauntingly mysterious concept that we created 

Character Design

A series of 6 characters were drafted to drive the narrative of  Beyond the Veil and its underlying mystery. These casted characters would have scripted dialogue that pushed the story and would help guests solve the murder of Ada Post, our main heroine. A series of busts were designed to help visually communicate the appearances of the characters.

Prop Design

Beyond the Veil's prop designs were essential to the main narrative, who killed Ada Post?

A series of color storied were created based on each characters' design and personality. Inspired by the classic board game Clue, the characters' color stories directly relate them to clues and locations within the Lavender Empress.

For example, Ada Post is represented with lavender and other purple shades so props like the bloody handkerchief are connected with her due to its purple hue.

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