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The Crystal Queen: Character Design

The Crystal Cave

Once there lived a couple who dreamed of a baby. After years of fruitless efforts, the wife sought after the help of an old hag who lived in the nearby woods. The elderly woman who was rumored to have powers promised the wife a child if she brought back the heart of the king’s stallion so that she could feed the organ to her pregnant cat. The wife agreed to the witch’s deal and was offered a pendant encrusted with a brilliant crystal.

The wife quickly grew with the child she wished for but never confided in her husband her deal she made with the hag.  Moments after the birth of their daughter, the happy couple was startled by the sudden appearance of the sorceress in their doorway. The hag proclaimed that they had 3 days to fulfill the end of their arrangement. If the couple did not abide by the time the light waned into the western mountains on the third day, the hag would curse their child to an endless night. As she disappeared, the father noticed that his newborn daughter started to turn a shade of blue. 

The couple went out to slaughter the king’s stallion in hopes of appeasing the witch’s demands but failed to pass the royal guard. In hopes of tricking the hag, the father killed the miner’s mule and delivered its heart to the enchantress’s doorstep. As the sunset over the mountains on the 3rd day, a cry fell over the village. The newborn was a complete shade of blue and cold to the touch. The couple raced to the hag’s house where they found her doubled over three lifeless mangled kittens that were black as the night.

The parents pleaded for the hag to heal their baby but she screamed in spite. Since they did not meet her demands the newborn would die just as the kittens did. The father begged for mercy and the witch replied with only a solemn vow. If the child wore the pendant and lived within the walls of the crystal cave she would live but would be barred from ever touching the light. The parents agreed in order to save their child and that night, the wench placed their daughter and the three dead kittens at the mouth of the cave. 

The magic that radiated from the precious crystals surrounded the 4 newly born bodies and absorbed them into the depths of the cave. Here they would live endless nights, growing only by the enchantment of the precious stones. Where there is no day, the girl and the morphed kittens would be cursed to protect the cave that serves as their life source.

The Fable

The Beast of the Crystal Cave

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